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MGC Revival© - a Katrina Benefit CD

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"It is difficult to express how beautiful and wonderful the music and the words are.  What is more important is that they are "realistic" and to the point.  In these five songs you have covered so much of the situation here.  Speaking as a person was through Camille and Katrina, I can assure you that the words came from someone who cares, and who really connected with the storm and the people of South Mississippi, or what we prefer to call "the coast". "

The MGC Revival© Album is a Katrina benefit CD Available Now!

Orders can be submitted now and shipping will begin on June 12, 2006.

Alsbowl.com and Thomas Novak have provided the up front funding to make this "Gift of Music" project a reality.   Proceeds above the cost of production and shipping will be donated to Mississippi recovery efforts.
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A production of Alsbowl.com in conjunction with musicians Thomas Novak and Wayne Renn

Al – “I consider This Music, These Songs, to be a gift to the brave people of the Mississippi Coast. Beyond that, proceeds above the cost of production will be funneled back to MGC Recovery efforts and projects.”

© has been filed with Library of Congress

Links to short clips of each song in MP3 format are at the bottom of this page.  See purchasing instructions on how you can purchase the high quality full album on CD (including the story of how this album was inspired and produced).

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MGC Revival
© album

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 Mississippi Is Back© 5:04 (750kb clip)
A song that describes the various hurts that Katrina laid down, but then notes the goodness and HOPE that tells everyone that Mississippi is Back – “I whisper my Lord, Mississippi is Back”

The Blanket Brigade© 5:18 (900kb clip)
This tells the story of Vicki in North Carolina from when Katrina was several days out, and until a longer period after the storm – and how the Blanket Brigade came to be. It does a good job of capturing the hurt, sorrow and despair over a lost sister who stayed behind, the joy when they finally reconnect, and how she was moved to help others.

Hold On© 4:54 (1.2mb clip)
This song is a tribute to the 27 member Waveland Police force who stayed behind so they could protect their city after the storm. During Camille, the water never crossed 90 so they boarded up to stay, only to almost lose their lives in the colossal storm surge. They were saved by a spindly bush, and the song is riveting.

Mississippi Moonshine© 2:44 (900kb clip)
A young man recounts how his grandpa gave him the secret recipe to Mississippi Moonshine. When the hurricane went through everything was gone but he managed to hang on to the recipe – and his granddad was smiling down on him.

FEMA Blues© 3:26 (1.1mb clip)
What can I say? It takes a knock at FEMA with some catchy phrases and an even catchier beat and chorus. As an example “It’s hard to have an address when you got no town, FEMA”. It’s fun, so enjoy the song.

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