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Although focusing on Katrina now, our efforts will not be limited to that event.  We work to perform a variety of projects that will make a difference in the lives of those who have suffered life changing situations such as those coming from Katrina.  We would like to focus on those in dire need or with unique situations with no way to reasonably recover on their own.   Focusing on elderly folks who have even more disadvantage in recovery is also important to us.   You can view planned projects and completed projects for an idea of what we do.

Although we are a young organization with limited resources, you may still contact us with any needs that you have.  They will be duly recorded and acted on by our group to the extent that we can.  If we are not able to take on your need at this time we will notify you promptly, and direct you to resources that might be available to you.  

Instead of just funding a recovery effort, we try to stretch those dollars by rounding up volunteers with the needed skills for a project, and then just furnish materials.  You can see this in the examples of plumbing and cabinet building in our projects area.  It is very heartwarming to know that folks are ready and able to donate their time and skills.

 Click here to request help from the MGC Group or to offer skills and help

The link below will bring you to a list of "Helping Organizations" that was compiled by one of our dear colleagues on the Sun Herald forum, Karen from Florida.  You may find some help resources that you were not aware of.

Click here for a list of organizations who are helping in various areas.