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MGC-GROUP stands for Mississippi Gulf Coast Group. This is a group of individuals from around the United States who came together through concern about the recovery of the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Although the storm known as Katrina brought us together, our new mission is to move forward helping those in need - Katrina and beyond. For the most part, we are all baby boomers with a passion to help others.

Internally, we share a great amount of comradeship and interests, which in turn helps us in finding ways to help those in need. Our hearts are on the gulf coast and we want to make a difference in your lives. Our 13 members are located throughout the United States, but we do have members and contacts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. All of us are with you and praying for your safe recovery from the disaster known as Katrina. Please accept our prayers and we are thinking of you. We want to do more and are working on ways to get set up and make that happen.

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