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Finding Loved Ones (Free)

If you have problems connecting with loved ones due to Katrina or for any other reason, please see if we can make that happen.  This is a FREE service and individuals trying to find their loved one will not be charged.  Any cost associated with making the reconnection happen will be absorbed by MGC-GROUP.


Katrina saw the largest displacement of our population since the civil war, and because homes, communications, jobs and everything were lost it may take years for everyone to get reconnected.  We are a small drop in the bucket, but we will do our best to help you in your situation.  Even if it is not related to Katrina, we will not turn you away if there is something we can do for you regarding your loved ones.  All you need to do is ask.

Important Information:   We are not here to be involved in searches involving custody issues, bill collections, or domestic separation problems.

If your heart is aching over a loved one that you have become separated from for any reason, we will do our best to help you reconnect with them.  The more information you can provide regarding the missing loved one, the more likely that we can make your reunion happen.  Samples of helpful information are listed below.  Click here to request that the MGC group help you to find your loved one

Please provide as much of the information below as you can

First and Last name of loved one

Date of birth if known

Location when you last had contact

Name of parents or siblings if known

Year or Date that you last had contact

Information about any searches you have tried

Age and description of person

Your preferred method for contact by us

Last Known Work Location

How or why did you lose contact

Tell us anything else you can think of that may be a clue to help us perform this search for you

Note: If you are not comfortable with sending your search request via the e-mail link, please send a postal mail letter to the following address:

8732 Indian Boulevard South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016