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Survival Stories

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Writing and sharing your survival story with the world can be a way to achieve closure, especially if you have lost a loved one.  If you have gone through a disaster such as Katrina, or have had some other life changing experience that you are rebounding from, this may be a way for you to seek closure.   MGC-GROUP will provide you with FREE web space to share your story and pictures.     Once posted, you can then send the link to your family and friends around the nation to share it with them.   See below for list of stories.

Example: www.mgc-group.org/SurvivalStories/Baker 

Contact al@mgc-group.org if you are interested in more details, or simply send your story and any photos you want posted along with the story.  Be sure to include a title you would like for the page in the link, as well as a Heading for your story.  :

Vicki Wilkins was profoundly affected by hurricane Katrina even though she lived in North Carolina.   She poured energy and emotion into finding ways to help, and that in turn helped with her own survival and recovery.
Angel Yates lost everything including the life she loved on the coast.  She is homesick with no means to return to her beloved coast.  Her story does a great job of outlining the great emotional toll that Katrina inflicted on many individuals.
Melissa Ortego gives a chilling account of how Katrina destroyed so much in the lives of so many of her family.  But she also remembers the times before Katrina and those memories and HOPE will help her survive.  This one was very riveting for me with the emotion that spilled out.

We have two stories from several newspapers which include the Waveland Police Force and how 27 officers nearly lost their lives as they stayed behind to guard their city.   When Camille struck in 1969 the water never crossed hwy 90 and so they felt it was safe to stay and take care of their city after the storm passed.  Unlike Camille, Katrina sent a surge that not only crossed 90, but overtook the building the police were in.

This first story has a notation at the end about how the spindly bush that the Chief almost cut down, ended up saving their lives.  They did have a makeshift memorial by the bush after it saved their lives.

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This next article covers various stories during the Katrina timeline, including the Waveland PD.  It is chilling to think how close the Police force came to going into the attic where they would have surely died.  This is a story that defines human survival in the face of extreme danger. 
Charles Taylor meets Katrina at ground zero and vividly captures the experience in a way that allows us to fully imagine just what it was like to go through that. You feel the fear and you visualize the wasteland that was left behind.